Are MEC GAR 1911 Magazines Any Good?

Who makes the best 1911 magazine?

The Top 4 Best 1911 MagazinesChip McCormick Power Mag (8 Round) The Chip McCormick Power Mag holds eight rounds and usually as a polymer base plate.

Colt Magazine (7 or 8 Round) …

Ed Brown Magazine (8 Rounds).

Where are MEC GAR magazines made?

Mec-Gar offers innovative, reliable and efficient solutions. Our manufacturing operations are housed in three modern facilities with more than 82,000 sq ft located in both Gardone Val Trompia and Gussago in the Italian province of Brescia. Mec-Gar, always on the forefront of magazine design.

What is the highest capacity magazine for a 1911?

ProMag 1911 . 45 ACP Extended Magazine, 15 Rounds.

Who makes SIG magazines?

The Italian magazine manufacturer Mec-Gar is the 800lb. gorilla of firearm magazine manufacturing, and produces magazines for not only SIG, but S&W, Springfield, Walther, Kimber – nearly any and every firearm manufacturer out there. SIG also uses the American magazine manufacturer Check-Mate to produce magazines.

Are MEC GAR Magazines any good?

yes they are good. mec-gar does make facotry mags for various companies.

Are ProMag 1911 mags any good?

ProMag Magazine 1911 8-Round Steel, $25.49 Fit and finish were OK, however, we did not like the light-feeling magazine spring pressure. … Just the same, overall the magazine did well. Based on rattling when shaken and a failure with +P loads, we rated the ProMag down a full grade.

Are all 1911 9mm mags the same?

Just picked up a 1911 single stack 9mm and I am looking at buying some more mags. Do I have to stick with the specific brand I have or will say colt or kimber mags fit my Para? No, they’re not. Each magazine has slightly different dimensions, and the followers are all different designs.

Can you use any 1911 magazine?

Single stack 1911 magazines for a paticular caliber are all intended to be compatible. However, some will fit better than others. Unless they are factory original to the make of my gun, I always like to try them out before I buy them.

Should you store magazines loaded?

Some ammunition manufacturers recommend rotating service-related ammunition as little as every six months. … When using quality magazines with quality ammunition, stored and maintained properly, you can leave them loaded as long as you want to without any reservation.