How Are Farm Labourers Different From Farmers?

How surplus farm products is sold by the farmers in Palampur?

The surplus amount is sold by the farmer in the market.

This is from where traders buy crops and sell it to shopkeepers in the cities and towns.

They retain a part of the wheat for the family consumption and sell the surplus wheat..

Where do farmers sell surplus farm products?

Small farmers like Savita have little surplus wheat because their total production is small and from this a substantial share is kept for their own family needs. The medium and large farmers supply wheat to the market which the traders buy and sell it further to shopkeepers in the towns and cities.

What is Farm Labourer?

A farmworker is a hired agricultural labourer. In labor law, the term “farmworker” is sometimes used more narrowly, applying only to a hired worker involved in agricultural production, including harvesting, but not to a worker in other on-farm jobs, such as picking fruit.

Why are farm Labourers?

(c) There is heavy competition for work among the farm labourers in Palampur, so people agree to work for low wages. (d) They remain out of work for most parts of the year and have to take loans from the moneylender to fulfill their needs.

Why are the farm Labourers poor?

Farm labourers like Dala and Ramkali are poor because they are landless and due to heavy competition for work among the farm labourers they get only a quite low wage rate.

Why small farmers have no surplus produce with them?

Small farmers like Savita and Gobind’s sons have little surplus wheat because their total production is small and from this a substantial share is kept for their own family needs. So it is the medium and large farmers who supply wheat to the market.

Why do farmers of Palampur follow multiple cropping?

The farmer of Palampur form multiple cropping because their land is to be fertile by doing multiple cropping the farmer grow different seeds because when one crop is damaged they can be used another and by selling they can earn money.

How are farmers different from Labours?

In leyman terms agriculture labourer is a person who works on others land (do not have own land) and farmer is a person with land entitlements (do have land). … Similarly, a person working on another person’s land for wages in cash or kind or a combination of both (agricultural labourer) is not treated as cultivator.

What is the sale of surplus farm products?

The part of the harvest which is kept for selling is called as surplus farm product and when it is taken to the market for selling it is called as Sale of surplus farm products. Once the farming process gets completed and the crops are harvested, the farmers segregate the obtained share into two parts.

How did the spread of electricity help the farmers?

How did the spread of electricity help farmers in Palampur? Answer: … (ii) Electricity powers all the tube wells in the fields that help to irrigate much larger areas of land more effectively as compared to the traditional Persian wheel drawn by bullocks.

How are farmers paid wages?

Instead they are paid wages by the farmer for whom they work. Wages can be in cash or in king e.g. crop. Whatever they get as wages is always less than the minimum wages fixed by the government i.e. Rs 60 per day. … Wages vary widely from region to region, from crop to crop, from one farm activity to another.

What is importance of farming?

When farmers prioritize biodiversity on their land, it benefits the earth. Having more biodiversity results in healthier soil, less erosion, better water conservation, and healthier pollinators. This is all good news for the environment as a whole, making agriculture an important part of the cycle of life.

What do the farmers do with the surplus farm products?

1 Answer. Large and medium farmers sell the surplus farm products. A part of the earnings is saved and kept for buying capital for the next season. Some farmers might also use the savings to buy cattle, trucks or to set up shops.

How do large farmers Utilise surplus farm products to arrange for?

Farmers after harvest keep a part of the produce for domestic consumption and sell the surplus in the nearby market. SSmall farmers have smaller yield and thus after keep the grain for domestic consumption have less surplus to sell at the market.

Where do farm Labourers come from?

Farm labourers come either from landless families or families cultivating small plots of land. Unlike farmers, farm labourers do not have a right over the crops grown on the land. Instead they are paid wages by the farmer for whom they work.