How Can I Recommend Something In English?

How do you recommend something?

recommend to tell somebody what you think they should do in a particular situation; to say what you think the price or level of something should be: We’d recommend you to book your flight early….What would/​do you recommend?What do you think would be best?Which of the options do you favour/​prefer?.

How do you reject a suggestion politely?

GUIDELINESYou should give a polite response if you are rejecting the reader’s suggestion. Acknowledging the customer’s or employee’s idea can serve as a useful public relations tool. … Offer a compliment or thank the reader for presenting a suggestion.Explain why you turned down the idea.End with a positive comment.

How do I ask for a suggestion?

The easiest way to ask for suggestions would be to ask for ‘Valued input. … You might say, “I am working on expanding this project and would appreciate your input as a valued user of the items being worked on.” Or, you might ask for input on a product that you have in development.Good luck with your work.

How do you say highly recommend?

strongly recommend / synonymshighly recommend. v.strongly suggest. v.urge.i warmly recommend.strongly advised.strongly recommends.highly recommended.i strongly commend.More items…

How do you recommend and suggest correctly?

Advise is the most formal and is used with subjects like doctor, teacher, counselor, government official, etc. Suggest is more informal and is used to express an idea or opinion. Recommend is more personal and is used when the speaker is giving a suggestion based on personal experience.

Can a suggestion be a question?

A suggestive question is one that implies that a certain answer should be given in response, or falsely presents a presupposition in the question as accepted fact. … For example, the phrasing “Don’t you think this was wrong?” is more suggestive than “Do you think this was wrong?” despite the difference of only one word.

What is the difference between a suggestion and an idea?

Usually, the best way to know if something is an idea is if it has a question in it, like “what if…..” or “what do you guys think about….” or “how about…..” A suggestion is more of a command, like “nerf overlord” or “I think you should…….” or “A thing you can do is…..”

How do you politely make a suggestion?

How to Make Polite, Indirect SuggestionsTurn your suggestion into a question. You might sound like a know-it-all if you make direct suggestions before knowing all the facts. … Use tentative language. … Use past tenses. … Use the word we whenever possible. … 3 Words You May Not Realize Have a Negative Connotation. … 9 “Innocent” Expressions That May Offend Your Listener.

How do you ask for suggestions in English?

Asking for adviceWhat do you think I should do?What should I do?What do you suggest?What do you advise me to do?If you were me what would you do?What ought I to do?Do you think that I should…?

Could sentences examples in English?

Could sentence examplesWhat could he do about it but lose more sleep? … I wish you could hear yourself talking. … How could she blame him? … I had let so much gas out of my balloon that I could not rise again, and in a few minutes the earth closed over my head. … How could he find out? … I never thought I could do it.More items…