Quick Answer: Can One Torpedo Sink A Ship?

Can a ship survive a torpedo hit?

There are instances where it’s possible a ship could have survived after multiple torpedo hits, but usually the ship was either finished off afterwards or scuttled..

Why do battleships not have torpedoes?

For one thing, battleships were way too heavy. Torpedoes on submarines are fired from water-tight “tubes” under water, and to have such tubes below the water line in the hull of a battleship would compromise the integrity of the extremely thick hull. For another, torpedoes are precision weapons.

Can an aircraft carrier survive a tsunami?

It depends on where the carrier is and the size of the tsunami. In deep water the tsunami would likely pass unnoticed, since tsunamis in the deep ocean are at most a few meters tall. They are fast moving, extremely long period wave forms, which would be virtually undetectable from the surface.

Who has the biggest aircraft carrier?

The title of the world’s biggest aircraft carrier belongs to the US Navy’s Gerald R Ford Class battleships. The first carrier in this class, USS Gerald R. Ford, was commissioned in May 2017 and the four remaining announced vessels of this class are under construction.

How dangerous are torpedoes?

Well, if the ship is small enough, it might be destroyed outright in the explosion. If the torpedo manages to penetrate the ship’s magazine or other vital, it could also destroy larger ships as well. If a ship is not destroyed by the initial blast, a large hole in the hull is still extremely serious.

Can a single torpedo sink an aircraft carrier?

During World War II, submarine and aircraft-dropped torpedoes sank hundreds of merchant ships and warships. Unlike the numerous aerial bombs or cannon shells required to sink large warships, just one or two torpedo hits could and sometimes did suffice to sink huge aircraft carriers and battleships.

Could a storm sink an aircraft carrier?

Can a hurricane destroy an aircraft carrier? No. Aircraft carriers are built to withstand the worst possible conditions at sea. Also when a hurricane is likely to hit where a aircraft carrier is home ported, the Navy ussually orders their ships to sea, because a ship can fair better at sea than in port.

Could China sink an aircraft carrier?

The Chinese report comes in response to U.S. dual-carrier training operations in the region using the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz. … The U.S. drills involve decided efforts to prepare for the possibility of a coordinated, multi-carrier attack.

Do torpedoes explode?

Science of war-torpedo. Not all torpedoes are designed to home in on the target and explode on impact. Some are designed to explode several metres below the hull of a ship in order to cause maximum damage. … Modern day torpedoes do not operate by slamming into the hull of a ship and exploding.

Can a torpedo sink a destroyer?

The answer is of course, that one torpedo can sink a ship regardless of her size. … Nevertheless, there have been cases when a torpedo caused disastrous damage but the ship remained afloat. On April 13, 1940, British and German destroyers met in a duel during the course of a naval battle near Narvik.

What happens if a torpedo misses?

Once a torpedo was out of fuel it was buoyant. Therefore any torpedo that missed its mark (which was a lot!) … In later models, they were built to automatically explode when the fuel was exhausted. US submarine commanders speak of hearing ‘end-or-run’ explosions which told them their torpedo had missed.

How far can a torpedo go?

40kmThe torpedo is propelled by an advanced pump jet engine and can engage targets within the range of over 40km, at a maximum speed of 40kt.

How fast is a torpedo?

The torpedo — signature weapon of the submarine — isn’t very fast, either. The U.S. MK 48 torpedo achieves a top speed of about 55 knots, or 63 miles per hour.

What happens when a torpedo hits a ship?

The impact of the torpedo on a ship’s hull would drive a firing pin that sets off a warhead. The hope here is that the blast punches a hole in a ship, allowing water to flood in, causing the ship to list to one side or the other and, eventually, capsize.

Can a missile sink an aircraft carrier?

The missile can maneuver in its terminal phase, targeting a moving carrier on a high-velocity final approach. The kinetic energy alone of the weapon could inflict devastating damage on a flight deck, putting a carrier out of action if not sinking it entirely.