Quick Answer: How Can Check Company Details In MCA?

How do I find the directors details of a company?

Steps to View Director Master DataGo to MCA Portal.

Enter Name and DIN/ DPIN of a director.

List of companies and LLP in which an individual is a director / designated partner will be shown.

View the details of the company..

What is LLP name?

‘LLP Name’ is the name by which a registered LLP is being identified. Generally, name of the LLP depicts its Trade Name or Brand Name along with its main activities.

How do I find my LLP name?

Company and LLP Name AvailabilityCheck MCA website www.mca.gov.in for name availability to see that any company is registered with similar name.Also see any trademark registered or applicable filed for trademark with proposed name.More items…

How do I find foreign company details?

Short of jumping on a plane and visiting in person, here are seven ways to find out.Ask the Foreign Company for References. … Communicate With an American Embassy or Consulate General. … Check Industry Sources, Including Big Banks, Law Firms and Accounting Firms. … Conduct a WHOIS Network Solutions Search on Their Domain Name.More items…

How do I find a company’s master data?

Steps to View Company / LLP Master Data on MCA PortalGo to the MCA Portal. Go to mca.gov.in. … Fill the details asked. Enter Company CIN or LLPIN of LLP, captcha and click submit.Details of Company / LLP with MCA will be displayed. … Click on DIN/PAN of a director to check his details.

How can I check my private limited company shareholding pattern?

Shareholding pattern of pvt ltd coLogging on www.mca.gov.in.Register yourself as registered user.Go Service option.Click Inspection public documents.Fill the CIN of desired company.After showing detail on MCA portal, click on first coloum and wait for payment detail.Pay on line the amount of Rs.

What are the company details?

Company Details provides indicative information on the selected company, Limited Liability Partnership or SE (Societas Europaea / European Public Limited – Liability Company). What is the Registered Office Address? The address notified by the company or LLP as the legal point of contact.

How can I check company details on MCA gov?

Step by step process :To access Master Company/LLP Data click “View Company/LLP Master Data” link; to view Index of Charges, click ‘View Index of Charges’; and to access signatory details, click on ‘View Signatory Details’ on the left hand side of this page.Enter the Company/LLP Name or CIN/LLPIN of the Company/LLP.More items…

What is company master data?

Master data represents “data about the business entities that provide context for business transactions”. … Master data is, by its nature, almost always non-transactional in nature.

How do I find a company’s auditor?

The best way to identify the auditor of a publicly traded company is to check the company’s most recent filings using our EDGAR database of corporate filings. You’ll find the identity of the company’s auditor in its annual report on Form 10-K. Look for the “Accountant’s Report” under Item 8 of the Form 10-K.

How can we find director details from DIN number?

Steps to Verify DIN-PAN Details of DirectorGo to the MCA Portal. Access the mca.gov.in. … Enter DIN/ DPIN of a director and click Submit. In the DIN Services, enter the DIN/DPIN on the box below Verify DIN/DPIN-PAN Details of Director/Designated Partner.Enter PAN of a director and click on Submit.

How can I find my LLP partner details?

DATA & REPORTSCompany Master Data. To view master details of any company/LLP registered with Registrar of Companies click on ‘View Company Master Data’ … Index of Charges. To view the details of ‘Register of Charges’ for the companies/LLPs click on ‘View Index of Charges’Signatory Details.

How do I find information about a company?

List of Tools to Find Company InformationGoogle News. If you want to get the necessary information about a company and some latest news about it, Google News is the best place. … Corporate Information. … AeroLeads – Find Company Information. … Company Check (UK) … LinkedIn. … Reuters. … GlassDoor.

What is a director in a company?

A director is an elected individual who, along with other directors, is responsible for a company’s corporate policy. Collectively, directors form the board of directors.

What is a LLP number?

Companies formed in England and Wales have 8-digit CRNs. Scottish companies are given 6-digit CRNs with the prefix ‘SC’ Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are issued with 6-digit CRNs prefixed with the letters ‘OC’