Quick Answer: What Kind Of Cars Does Messi Have?

What is Messi’s Favourite car?

Ferrari F430 Spider11.

Lionel Messi: Ferrari F430 Spider..

How many cars does Messi have in total?

Messi is said to own more than 10 cars with the Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti(costs $37 million) being the most expensive in his collection. The net worth of all Lionel Messi best cars combined is said to be around $50 million.

What is Messi most expensive car?

335 S Spider ScagliettiMessi buys world’s most expensive car: Report. Lionel Messi reportedly shelled out $35.5 million at an auction to claim 335 S Spider Scaglietti, which became the world’s most expensive car. The report mentioned that Cristiano Ronaldo was also interested in buying the car.

What car does Bill Gates drive?

Porsche 959Bill Gates – Porsche 959.

Does Messi have a private jet?

Messi, who regularly hires the Gulfstream V jet, has even personalised the aircraft to make it feel like his own. His famous No10 is emblazoned on the tail and to top things off, the steps feature the names of Messi and his family – wife Antonella, plus children Thiago, Ciro and Mateo.

How many cars do Ronaldo have?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s car collection: Three Ferraris, a Bugatti and what not. With net worth of about £200-250 million, with a weekly salary of £365,000 and a ginormous fan following around the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the few people in the world who’ve got it all.

What car does Neymar drive?

An avid car collector, Neymar owns a Ferrari, Maserati, a number of Audis, Volkswagen and a Porsche. He owns a Ferraro 458 Italia, Maserati MC12s (only 50 exist in the world), Audi R8 Spyder, Audi RS7, Audi Q7 and Prosche Panamera Turbo. The cheapest car in Neymar’s car collection is a practical Volkswagen Touareg.

What is Messi Net Worth 2020?

Messi’s Net Worth 2020 is estimated to be $104 million by Forbes.com. It includes his salary/winnings of $72 million and another $32 million in endorsements. His total worth is approximately $400 million.

Does Messi have a Rolls Royce?

Lionel Messi’s earnings the last twelve months can buy him 175 Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUVs in Nigeria. Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi has become the highest-earning athlete in the world, becoming the only fourth athlete to land in the No. 1 spot over the past 19 years.

How many cars Bill Gates have?

It is thought that Bill Gates has six cars. He spends his multi-billion dollar fortune on his collection of Porsches and other expensive high-end cars, and with his fortune, he could afford any car he wants. In 2020, he added to his Porsche collection after purchasing a Porsche Taycan.

Who is the richest footballer in the world?

Lionel MessiThe Argentine Lionel Messi just edged it past his Portuguese rival in Forbes rich list and remains the World’s Richest Soccer Player for the year 2020. In the list released by Forbes, Six-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi’s total earnings are 126 million dollars.

Who is Messi’s wife?

Antonela Roccuzzom. 2017Lionel Messi/Wife