Quick Answer: What’S Better Osaka Or Kyoto?

Is Kyoto and Osaka the same?

So, in short Osaka is more a place of industrial slog and, at time, equally industrial language.

Kyoto on the other hand, is viewed as a place of culture, refinement and history.

The people of these two cities are also remarkably different, considering their close proximity..

How many days should I spend in Kyoto and Osaka?

For the majority of travelers, who have around two weeks in Japan or so, the answer to how many days in Kyoto, Osaka and the Kansai region to spend is simple: Five.

Is it better to visit Tokyo or Osaka?

In comparison, Tokyo is much bigger and offers more number of tourist attractions such as Tokyo Tower, Asakusa Sensoji, Shibuya Crossing and more. … Osaka offers a great number of tourist attractions, too, including Dotonbori neon lights, Osaka Castle and Kaiyukan Aquarium, but the scale is just smaller than in Tokyo.

How many days in Osaka is enough?

3 days3 days in Osaka is the recommended time to stay. It gives you the flexibility to decide when and where you go. Whether it is taking a day trip to the Nara Deer Park or spending an afternoon relaxing in the world-famous Spa World, you will have enough time to cover the things you must see it Osaka.

What is the best location to stay in Kyoto?

Downtown KawaramachiThe best area to stay in Kyoto for tourists is Downtown Kawaramachi. Other recommended best places to stay in Kyoto are Gion, Kyoto Station and Central Kyoto. Downtown Kawaramachi offers plenty of shops and restaurants, and is in walking distance to historical Gion, making it the best place to stay in Kyoto.

Is it better to stay in Kyoto or Osaka?

I would stay in Kyoto, given the choice, though Osaka is fine too as it’s only 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto on the Shinkansen (actually, less). Kyoto will likely be more expensive but there are values to be had even there… … The JR Pass will not pay off for Kyoto and Osaka alone.