What To Do If You Are Caught In A Protest?

How do you protect yourself in civil unrest?

Maintain a low profile by avoiding demonstration areas and discussions of the issues at hand, and by dressing conservatively.

During violent or potentially violent unrest, avoid police stations (unless seeking help), government buildings (including embassies), fast food restaurants, and banks..

Can I protect myself from rioters?

Yes, you should defend your home and your family, but you should not take any action that might provoke an armed response by police or the military. Don’t go out into the street armed or stand in front of your house with a gun.

How do I find a protest?

Locate the “Events” tab on Facebook, and search “protest” or “march” along with Floyd’s full name to find anti-police brutality demonstrations near you. You can also search for activist groups or pages on Facebook and follow them to stay in the know about upcoming protests.

Is it safe to go to a protest alone?

If you can avoid it, don’t protest alone. It’s important that you go with at least one other person so you can have each other’s backs. There is strength in numbers. Know your “roles” within the group before you go so you can be prepared for anything.

How do you stay safe during a riot?

Staying safe during civil unrestAvoid places that are having demonstrations. … Do not get involved in a riot. … Avoid attending large protests. … Travel with caution and avoid demonstration areas. … Keep enough cash (in a safe place) in the event that civil disorder causes banks and ATM’s to close.More items…

How do you stay safe in the Civil War?

10 Tips for Staying Safe During Civil UnrestAlternate Route Plans. Anytime you are in a place that is unfamiliar, you should have researched all evacuation routes out of that location. … Avoid Heavily Policed or Secured Areas. … Work with the Police. … Arrest. … Crowds. … Find Safe Spots. … Never Drive Near Groups of People. … Leave the Vehicle.More items…

Why should you not wear contacts to a protest?

How to prepare yourself for a protest. … They should not wear contact lenses to protests, because tear gas or pepper spray particles can get stuck between the eye and lens and cause damage.

What do you wear to a riot?

Cover yourself with strong (yet mobile) clothing. Generally, you won’t want to be caught in a riot in your shorts and sandals. The more skin covered, the better, as many anti-riot weapons, like pepper spray, rubber bullets, and so on, are most effective against bare skin.

How can we avoid protesting while traveling?

Avoiding demonstrations and unrestRead the travel advisory for your destination. … Find out if some areas or regions are more prone to unrest. … Keep an eye on current events in your destination. … Check if there’s an upcoming election in your destination.More items…

What should I wear to a protest?

Wittman suggests wearing clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible. So, long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toed shoes. … At a protest you should wear layered, nondescript clothing to maintain a low profile and protect your identity.

Can you defend yourself from rioters?

In all states, you can use deadly force to defend yourself against death, serious bodily injury (which can include broken bones and perhaps even lost teeth), rape, or kidnapping, so long as (a) your fear is reasonable and (b) the danger is imminent (requirements that also apply to the doctrines I discuss below).

What should I bring to a riot?

Small first aid kit with latex-free gloves, bandages, antibacterial ointment, a nylon wrap bandage and ibuprofen, without anything that can be considered a weapon such as metal scissors. Zip-lock with an extra long-sleeved shirt and jeans to change into if your clothes become contaminated with crowd control chemicals.

How do I start riot?

Find the frustrated few. A riot requires a certain level of outrage to get started that most people simply don’t have – Your job is to find the people who do. … Provide a common enemy. When you’re addressing your audience, it makes sense to include them in your ‘special group’. … Light the touch paper. … Add fuel to the fire.

What is non identifiable clothing?

: clothes that do not make it difficult to move freely.

How do you survive a protest?

How to survive a protestIf you find yourself caught up in a protest or riot keep to the edge of the crowd where it is safest. … At the first opportunity break away and seek refuge in a nearby building, or find a suitable doorway or alley and stay there until the crowd passes.More items…•

What do you do in a riot situation?

Unless your car is the focus of the angry mob in the riot, you should stay in the car and continue driving as calmly as possible. Try to keep to the streets that are clear of riots, and avoid the main roads that are more likely to be occupied. Keep moving forward and don’t stop to assess the situation.

What should I write on a protest sign?

An emergency guide to writing protest signsDon’t use ‘Love Trumps Hate’ Officially endorsed slogans are seldom the way to go. … Parody the form. Take an existing slogan and repurpose it. … Make it rhyme. Rhyme is a sneaky way to tie an allegation to a name. … Unleash puns. … Appropriate the enemy’s lines. … Go meta. … Swear. … Reference pop culture.More items…