Why Was Boeing 747 Discontinued?

Why was the 747 discontinued?

The 747 democratized global air travel in the 1970s but fell behind modern twin-engine passenger jets.

In 2016, Boeing said it could end 747 production amid falling orders and pricing pressure.

Major U.S.

carriers like United Continental Holdings Inc and Delta Air Lines Inc have already said goodbye to the 747..

Will the Boeing 747 have a future?

Originally, KLM planned to phase out the 747s next year. But due to the current circumstances the airline decided to make the final 747 passenger flight already a few weeks ago. KLM confirmed to InsideFlyer that it does not have the intention to use the passenger 747s in the future.

Which is bigger 747 or a380?

Size: 747-8s are 3.6 meters longer than the A380s. At 72.72 meters long, Airbus A380 is the second longest aircraft in the world. … The latest version of the 747, the 747-8 is the longest airliner in the world. While the 747-8 is longer than the A380, at 79.75 meters, the A380 has a wider wingspan.

What is the oldest 747 still flying?

The oldest 747 still flying ordinary punters is owned by Iran’s Mahan Air. It first flew in 1986 and has been on Mahan’s books since 2007. The majority of BA’s active jumbos are far newer. The oldest, G-BNLY, was delivered in 1993; the newest, G-BYGG, in 1999.

How many 747 crashed?

As of July 2020, a total of 61 Boeing 747 aircraft, or just under 4% of the total number of 747s built, first flown commercially in 1970, have been involved in accidents and incidents resulting in a hull loss, meaning that the aircraft has either been destroyed or has been damaged beyond economical repair.

Is the 747 safe?

The Boeing 747-400 has proved one of the most popular jets for long-haul carriers. The worst accident happened in Taiwan in October 2000 when a Singapore Airlines 747-400 crashed and burned shortly after taking off from Taipei airport, killing 83 of the 179 people on board. …

What is the oldest plane still flying?

The oldest plane in the American Airlines fleet, a 31-year-old MD-80 registered as N424AA, will be flying between Denver and Chicago today. Delta’s oldest aircraft, registration N904DL, is currently flying in and out of Atlanta.

Which is better Airbus or Boeing?

Boeing vs Airbus Safety Records According to Airfleets.net, Airbus has suffered 86 total crashes or accidents between its models – fewer than just the 147 suffered by Boeing’s 737 alone.

What is the 747 being replaced with?

The average age of those planes is 23 years, close to the end of their expected service life. The airline’s capacity is being replaced by Airbus (AIR. France) A350 jets and Boeing (ticker: BA) 787 jets, which are about 25% more fuel efficient than the 747, according to British Airways.

Why is a 747 called a 747?

It was called the 747. Sutter asked Pan Am and other airlines what they would like from the plane. At the time, it was thought that supersonic aircraft would replace the 747. Because of this, Boeing made the 747 so that it could easily be turned into a cargo plane if the passenger version became less popular.

Which is better Airbus a380 or 747?

The Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8 are therefore placed in direct competition on long-haul routes. … Boeing claims the 747-8I to be over 10% lighter per seat and have 11% less fuel consumption per passenger, with a trip-cost reduction of 21% and a seat-mile cost reduction of more than 6%, compared to the A380.

While the supersonic dream was ultimately a commercial failure (for now), the 747 became an icon of industrial design. Along with numerous aerodynamic innovations, it was the first commercial aircraft to incorporate high-bypass turbofan engines like those developed for the C-5.